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Mendaftar NPWP Online Pribadi

TIN or Tax Identification Number is a number of tax incentives granted to those taxpayers as identification to facilitate the taxpayer in carrying out its obligations in paying taxes. TIN can we get after we do the registration at the Tax Office (KPP) or the Office of Information and Observation Potential Taxation (KP4). By embracing the self-assessment system all taxpayers are required to register themselves either directly to the local tax office or KP4 or to register online with e-registration.

Cara Daftar NPWP Online

TIN function itself is:

  1. As the identity of the taxpayer
  2. As a tool in tax administration
  3. Attached or included in any tax documents relating to the taxpayer
  4. Realizing the tax administration orderly and tidy
  5. In addition to the above functions TIN also provide benefits to taxpayers who have such ease in making passports, filing bank credit, payment of final tax (income tax, VAT, etc. and some of the administrative affairs of the other. Another benefit is obtained service in the field of taxation itself as tax returns, tax reduction, and the most vital is depositing and tax reporting.

Then who are required to have a TIN this? The following provisions of the taxpayer personally that I quoted from pajak.go.id.

An individual who performs
An individual who does not work for free but have income above PTKP
Well, to make a tax ID can now be done online. Here's how to sign on behalf of the person.

Terms manufacture Online TIN should be to prepare the documents as follows:

For the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN Personal)

Documents to be prepared:

Identity Card (KTP) for Population Indonesia, or passport for foreigners

To register on-line, first you must have E-mail. Here are the steps:


1. Open the E-Registration link.

2. Select create "New Account"

3. The selection dialog box will appear as below.

Sign up TIN

Username and password filled up according to your wishes
Red columns do not need to fill in if you have not had any previous TIN.

4. Please login using the username and password that you created above.

5. Once logged in, you will see a dialog box like the one below (select one according to your needs to make TIN, if I yesterday chose "private person")

Creating a TIN

6. In the application form there are three (3) columns: PUBLIC IDENTITY column, Correspondence column, and the column INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS.

7. Charging PUBLIC IDENTITY column: To fill the area code click the blue eyes beside the field provided, and for the Status column of business (for individual / personal) click 'employees who do not do the work free'.

8. Charging column CORRESPONDENCE: Just fill out the appropriate domicile address ID, and Telephone mandatory contents (if you have not got a phone, just fill up the numbers).

9. filling column INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS: Just fill out the birth date and the Identity of the identifier (ID along with NIK).

10. Upon completion of the form is complete, just click Register.

11. Next you just print both existing file, namely the Registration Form and SKTS (Certificate of Registered Provisional).

At the top you can see SKTS Tax Office (KPP), which are compatible with the complete address of residence and their office. And also the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) you. To get the card owner's TIN, you must redeem that form to KPP listed in SKTS or can also send the form via the post office to address the LTO, but I do not know whether the card would be sent by the LTO to your address or not. Also see on http://www.caracekinternet.com/2016/02/cara-daftar-npwp-online-pribadi-dengan.html My experience yesterday came to the LTO to redeem the forms (+ Copy KTP) only about 5 minutes.

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